Privacy Policy

Personal information protection and security

We think that it is very important to respect privacy policy accessed to this site for Office of the Sumida Area Brand Promoting Conference (called "the secretariat" as follows).
About collection, use, protection of personal information that had you provide the secretariat from customer, we decide the following handling standards and observe this.

(1) About the acquisition of personal information
Normal contents of this site are available without revealing personal information distinguishing birth and parentage of customer. In the analysis such as access log recorded on the server, we investigate the use trend as the entirety for better administration of site, but may not pay our attention to specific ID.
In addition, when we acquire personal information, for customers, we make purpose to use clear and use legitimate and fair means at limit necessary for achievement of purpose.
(2) About use of personal information
Among personal information that had you provide the secretariat, you use for improvement in enforcement of strategy of the Sumida Area Brand and service of Web site about contents of opinion and inquiry, and please let me use only for the certification identification for reply and confirmation about contents of full name, address.
(3) About preservation of personal information
We may not let the secretariat gives personal information that had you provide for achievement of purpose of use mentioned above elsewhere except necessary specific trust ahead and save. In addition, when we get consent of the person who had you provide or we may not be shared to other than case, others called for by law.
(4) Security Policy
The secretariat tries for safe management administration of site and it is physical and, for prevention of access and personal data leak without authority, takes electronically appropriate means.
(5) Link policy
Links from this site to other Web sites are intended to just provide facility for customer and do not guarantee privacy policy and accessibility of linked site.