Strategy of the Sumida Area Brand formula Instagram account operation policy

At 1 beginning (purpose of disseminating information)

For the purpose of offer of information about strategy of the Sumida Area Brand which is the latest in the Sumida Area Brand Promoting Conference through Instagram set operational policy of account as follows on disseminating information.

Rule of 2 account operation

● Contributor
Office of the Sumida Area Brand Promoting Conference (Sumida-ku industrial tourism department Industry Promotion Section)
●Account name
●Account URL
● Correspondence time
As a general rule, it is irregular and posts in time from 8:30 to 17:15 on weekdays.
In addition, as well as this time, we may post as needed.
● Personal information protection
About collection, the use, management of personal information in our page, it deals with Sumida-ku homepage according to "personal information protection and the security" appropriately.
● Answer to contributions
As a general rule, for contents posted by user, we do not perform reply from our page. Thank you for your understanding beforehand. But, for the purpose of publicizing widely, we may perform replies.
● Verboten
When you use our page, please refrain from contribution against Instagram Terms of Use. When we judge that contents posted by user are against Instagram Terms of Use, without notice to user who posted, we may delete the contents. In addition, in administration of our page, we give another person disadvantage, and it is said that contents that admitted that the Sumida Area Brand Promoting Conference (we say "this meeting") is inappropriate are similar.
● Disclaimers
  • We try that accuracy, integrity, usefulness of contents of our page are kept, but do not completely guarantee this.
  • About the damage that user or third party took, we do not take any responsibility under any circumstance by we use contents of user or having trusted.
  • We do not take any responsibility about contents posted by user.
  • About any damage that occurred to user or third party by trouble between users or user and third parties, we do not take any responsibility.
  • We are caused by matter in conjunction with our page or are related and, other than the above, do not take any responsibility about any damage that we produced.
● Others
  • We may change operational policy of our page without prior contact.
  • This operational policy takes effect on June 1, 2017.