Monozukuri Collaboration

Main result of Monozukuri Collaboration - 2016 (Heisei 28)

※Product to introduce is copy of thing developed in 2016 (Heisei 28).
In addition, designs may be changed as prototype is included in these products.
Collaborator: Hideyoshi Nagoya

Design producer / h concept representative director

Collaboration brand "+d" with various designers is sent to the world to veteran by young person. Design product shop "KONCENT" of the direct management is interior shop and unfolds abroad in MoMA, the country including Guggenheim. A lot of receiving a prize such as iF Product Design Award, good design prize. We work on design consulting with company, production center positively.

    Hamano laboratory
    Tel: 03-5631-9111
  2. Ginger almondGinger almond
    Miyakawa confectionery
    Tel: 03-3622-2795
  3. mammal Umammal U
    Marusa Saito Gomu Co. Ltd.
    Tel: 03-3613-4156

Collaborator: Mr. Y2 Arii yuma, Arii Yuka

style Y2 international

In July, 2005, we establish style Y2 international in sisters. Arii yuma (older sister) is in charge of overall Arii Yuka (younger sister) design by produce and sales promotion. Duties of styling and the export of corporation products for overseas hotel restaurants to work on before becoming more invite the 15th year. The results of maker company of various parts of Japan and product plan to work on 100 or more as for a lot of examples of brand setup and business development. March, 2013 "Solomon style" appearance. It is run plan "yours sincerely here" WEB shop. It is motto "we do not overdo it, happily".

  1. innocent coffeeinnocent coffee
    Tel: 03-3613-7551
  2. rooms exhibitionrooms exhibition

Collaborator: Tsutomu Kanaya

cement produce design president

We dealt with advertisement design of PARCO, product plan development of franc franc, direction of company collaboration T of UNIQLO, and we were pushing forward collaboration plan with each local industry of Japan in form that fixed its eyes on distribution positively now, and the activity was taken up in "NHK WORLD" at "the daybreak of Gaia". We develop the company shop in Aoyama Head Office "coto mono michi at TOKYO" and push forward support activity of monomade company of each place.

  1. ALMA Aroma Pot (arumaaromapotto)ALMA Aroma Pot
    Ishii delicate work
    Tel: 03-3694-7100
  2. Gift Show exhibitionGift Show exhibition
    (Ishii delicate work)

"Taiwanese design X nichihonseizo" project

We conclude memorandum about cooperation business with Taiwanese Design Center. We push forward new product development by monozukuri company of Sumida with Taiwanese designer.

  1. WAYOU*kyushoshinsa Balloon Messenger
    KIMU DESIGN X Marusa Saito Gomu Co. Ltd.
  2. surisurisuri ◦ ho One Piece Folder
    AGUA DESIGN X Ninomiya Gorow Shoten Co., Ltd.
  3. seelement elementHeight of small drinking bout food Glassware–Cup,bowl,dish
    HEY SHENG CHI SI X Hirota Glass Co., Ltd.
  4. CUPPOTgensokoremado - zokatakou* Seelements
    Balance Wu Design X Yamada glass processing place
  5. botton hookClass cup hand pot - individual hand offing 咖啡 cup pot CUPPOT
    Balance Wu Design X prosperity industry