Monozukuri Collaboration

Main result of Monozukuri Collaboration - 2015 (Heisei 27)

※Product to introduce is copy of thing developed in 2015 (Heisei 27).
In addition, designs may be changed as prototype is included in these products.
Collaborator: Hideyoshi Nagoya

Design producer / h concept representative director

As Takashimaya Co.,Ltd. Advertising Department, General Manager of Planning Office Executive Director, we are engaged in product development, produce marketing strategy. We establish "h concept" in 2002. We send collaboration rate brand "+d" with young designer for the world and unfold abroad in interior shops in MoMA, the country including Guggenheim. A lot of receiving a prize such as iFProduct Design Award, red dot design award, good design prize. In addition, we act as part-time teachers such as Tokyo University of the Arts, Kuwasawa Design School, Musashino Art University guest professor.

  1. NIKKI candy UKON where gentleness is fascinated byNIKKI candy UKON where gentleness is fascinated by
    Miyakawa confectionery
    Tel: 03-3622-2795
  2. PATTERN snowPATTERN snow
    Comfort form
    Tel: 03-3632-8561
  3. Ishihiro's Scissors (tentative name) which craftsman gave important personIshihiro's Scissors (tentative name) which craftsman gave important person
    Ishihiro Seisakusho
    Tel: 03-3614-3292
  4. tampopokohitampopokohi
    Rose madam
    Tel: 03-3635-2421
  5. CLIMBING MAN (tentative name)CLIMBING MAN (tentative name)
    Tel: 03-3624-2641
  6. MINI CLIP colorMINI CLIP color
    Yoshizumi press
    Tel: 03-3612-7541

Collaborator: Mr. Y2 Arii yuma, Arii Yuka

Style Y2 international

In July, 2005, we establish style Y2 international. We deal with various concept plans, product plan in motto "happily without overdoing it". Arii yuma (older sister) produce charge. Arii Yuka (younger sister) design charge.

  1. Snoodist! "pocket"Snoodist! "Pocket"
    The Kume textile industry
    Tel: 03-3625-4188
  2. Circle bag S of bag place made of Maruyo KatanoCircle bag S of bag place made of Maruyo Katano
    Bag place made of Maruyo Katano
    Tel: 03-6279-8991
  3. 150 g of innocent coffee coffee jelly/beans150 g of innocent coffee coffee jelly/beans
    Tel: 03-3613-7551

Collaborator: Tsutomu Kanaya

cement produce design president

We dealt with advertisement design of PARCO, product plan development of franc franc, direction of company collaboration T of UNIQLO, and we were pushing forward co-operation plan with each local industry of Japan in form that fixed its eyes on distribution positively now, and the activity was taken up in "NHK WORLD" at "the daybreak of Gaia". We develop the company shop in Shinjuku Isetan and Aoyama Head Office "coto mono michi at TOKYO" and push forward support activity of the monomaking of company of each place.

    Tel: 03-3622-0889
    Ishii delicate work
    Tel: 03-3694-7100
    Box made of Igarashi
    Tel: 03-3624-2531