Monozukuri Collaboration

Main result of Monozukuri Collaboration - 2011 (Heisei 23)

※Product to introduce is copy of thing developed in 2011 (Heisei 23).
In addition, designs may be changed as prototype is included in these products.

[new product development section]

It is section aiming at completion of prototype for house brand product development that matched product development theme by combination with collaborator.

Collaborator: Yoko Kitta

Creative director/CITRUS sponsorship

We participate in establishment of TOKYO GAS Urban Life Institute and belong and are in charge of lifestyle, house, plan market research that it is interior-related. In addition, we participate in house and establishment of general information center "living Design Center OZONE" (ozone) of interior and belong. Afterwards, we become independent and preside over "CITRUS" performing house, store, furniture, interior, facilities, design produce about life article now.

  1. Mukaijima ware button petit series
  2. Tagane card stand “Fuji”“Matsu”“Sakura”“Komori”
  3. Crystal (tentative name)

Collaborator: Hideyoshi Nagoya

Design producer / h concept representative director

As Takashimaya Company, Limited Advertising Department, General Manager of Planning Office Executive Director, we are engaged in product development, produce marketing strategy. We establish "h concept" in 2002. We send collaboration rate brand "+d" with young designer for the world and unfold abroad in interior shops in MoMA, the country including Guggenheim. A lot of receiving a prize such as iFProduct Design Award, red dot design award, good design prize. In addition, we act as part-time teachers such as Tokyo University of the Arts, Kuwasawa Design School, Musashino Art University guest professor.

  1. MONYOU handkerchief (tentative name)
  2. Palm salad tong
  3. HEN-SHIN BALLOON, color changing balloons, TWO-TONED BALLOON, Crystal balloon, mammal D
  4. Hook -Stainless Steel Hook-

Collaborator: Tomohiro Matsuda

Planner/"Tenkei Project" representative

Good design representative. We are engaged in town development, event produce, product development, publishing, advertisement promotion. "Dialogue in the dark towel" is "Pinocchio project" and, other than company and collaboration business "rendezvous project" of creator, wins good design prize. In addition, we act as chief of Wacoal Corp. art center planner, oblaat (wafer) organizer, Rikkyo University part-time teacher running Omotesando, spiral garden.

  1. Okurumi
  2. Cardigan
  3. Stadium jumper

Collaborator: Yu Yamada

Creative director buyer/Method Co., Ltd. representative director

After experiencing buyer of IDEE SHOP of Minamiaoyama, it is independent. It moves into action as director of design event "DESIGNTIDE TOKYO" now while acting as representative director of method. We deal with a large number of projects such as The National Art Center, Tokyo museum shop "gift from Tokyo" support direction, Haneda Airport second terminal 3F "Tokyo' s Tokyo" goods select, thrift shop "PASS THE BATON" MD coordinates so far.

  1. Norimaki of the east hail
  2. Tokyo pancake

[trial section]

It is section aiming at completion of prototype for house brand product development that matched product development theme by combination with collaborator.

Collaborator: Sachio Hihara

Designer / Sachio Hihara SOUZOU-ISHOU representative

monogoto aims at "design to tie people and people" to acting on relations and emotion with people and person and works based in Shizuoka. We deal with produce of structure and environment creation of manufacturing including SOON project of Japan and promote business to tie local industry and design. In addition, we act as "projecy kyo-to" hosted by "new wave "Shizuoka" creation business" hosted by Shizuoka Industry Promotion Association than 2009 producer, Kyoto Chamber of Commerce and Industry producer.

State of exchange meeting
  2. Crater tray
  3. The photostands (tentative name) of Kamichotsugai
  4. Gate tray

Collaborator: Yasuhide Kageyama

Lecturer at new product development study session/KOKUSAN CORPORATION representative director

We enter M tea and company dealing with consulting of regional activation in 2001 and, as industrialization promotion charge, support market research, marketing strategy construction, market reclamation mainly. We establish domestic production which is product plan development, business plan development support company where master featured the theme of "domestic product monozukuri" in August, 2004. As coordinator, we deal with "monozukuri support, branding support to sell".

State of study session