Monozukuri Collaboration

Main result of Monozukuri Collaboration - 2010 (Heisei 22)

By Monozukuri Collaboration business, producer design (= collaborator) and designer representing monozukuri company and Japan of Sumida with high technique bump each individuality, and plan of house brand product which seems to be Sumida develops.
High added value product from Sumida which new sensitivity comes across monozukuri power of Sumida through this business, and records new wind on market is born in sequence.

※Product to introduce is copy of thing developed in 2010 (Heisei 22).
In addition, designs may be changed as prototype is included in these products.

We are doing introductions such as companies which participated in Monozukuri Collaboration business. Check it out!

[new product development section]

It is section aiming at completion of prototype for house brand product development that matched product development theme by combination with collaborator.

Collaborator: Ashitomi Takashi

Product designer/SAAT DESIGN INC. president

In 1985, we are in charge of designs such as TV, audio system, video after SONY design Service Center entering a company. 1991 zatodezain establishment. 2000 Japan Institute of Design Promotion good design prize examination committee member. We perform product design, local industry development, general design approach including design education.

  1. Vase: One (ICHI), three (SAN), four (YON)

Collaborator: Yoko Kitta

Creative director/CITRUS sponsorship

Interior-related plan market research is in charge of lifestyle and house. We participate in house and establishment of general information center "living Design Center OZONE" (ozone) of interior and belong. Afterwards, we become independent and preside over design about house, store, furniture, interior, facilities, life article, "CITRUS" producing.

  1. Create-your-own Karakuri Byobu
  2. Souvenir Screen -Four Seasons-
  3. Gift screen -100 Kotobuki -
  4. tayohako series limit ryuhako
  5. "Carved Seal" kit
  6. Mukojima-yaki button Accessory case,Hair accessories
  7. Mukojima My tea set
  8. Reprinted edition of Tokyo's glass [BRUNCH] series

Collaborator: Tomohiro Matsuda

Planner/"Tenkei Project" representative

Good design representative. We are engaged in town development, event produce, product development, publishing, advertisement promotion. Other than company and collaboration business "rendezvous project" of creator, it is won good design prize by "Pinocchio project" "dialogue in the dark towel". Chief of spiral/Wacoal Corporation art center planner. Oblaat (wafer) organizer.

  1. Box lunch(containing rice and various kinds of fish, meat, and vegetables)
  2. File
  3. Handkerchief
  4. Leather Bag, Leather tote bag
  5. Hat

[marketing section]

Aiming at sale in specific market, it is section which development of new product which reflected consumers needs by combination with collaborator which is good at commercial distribution and remake of existing products, prototype improve.

Collaborator: Hideyoshi Nagoya

Design producer / h concept representative director

As Takashimaya Co.,Ltd. Advertising Department, General Manager of Planning Office Director, we are engaged in product development, produce marketing strategy. We establish "h concept" in 2002. We send collaboration rate brand "+d" with young designer for the world. It unfolds abroad in interior shop, select shop in MoMA, Guggenheim, Conran shop, Pompidou Center, the country.

  1. Vegetabrella
  2. Triangle / Square / Sphere Balloon
  3. Number Hook Magnet

Collaborator: Yu Yamada

Creative director buyer/method representative director

We are from/Tokyo for 1,976 years. 2000/idea entering a company. We act as buyer of IDEE SHOP Aoyama Head Office from 2001. 2003/idea leaving the office. We participate in Tokyo, gallery of contemporary jewelry of Ebisu, setup of gallery deux poissons (gallery do poisson). 2007/do poisson leaving the office. We take office as NOOKA JAPAN, the best operating officer. In addition, we launch creative direction organization, method of freelance. We take office as eleven, board member who are administrative body of/design event "DESIGNTIDE TOKYO" in 2009. In the same year, we take office as Method Co., Ltd. (method Inc.), representative director. Continue up to the present day.

  2. Leather furoshiki
  3. Paper tape with tip bag, water paste of binding marble
  4. Nama Chikuwabu

[trial section]

For designer of designer group "SOON", company of Sumida-ku suggests plan, concept of the concrete company product, company's production technology, market image of the product positively and is section aiming at matching.

Collaborator: Sachio Hihara + SOON

Representative from designer/SOUZOU-ISHOU Hihara Industrial Design Office

As for designer Sachi Hihara husband working based in Shizuoka, people meet people as there is thing thing, and communication aims at deepening "design to tie people and people" to. In late years we deal with produce about the making of structure and environment of manufacturing of Japan and push forward business to tie local industry and design. We participate in "strategy of the Sumida Area Brand" from 2009. Shizuoka industrial development meeting sponsorship business producer. It was born in Yamanashi for 1,964 years.

  1. Crater clock
  2. free form
  3. Edo no goldfish
  4. Higanbana Series
  5. CAISU Series
  6. Hanabana
  8. Stainless Flower Vase
  9. Wire Flower Vase
  10. Byobu Having a System Light