Monozukuri Collaboration

Main result of Monozukuri Collaboration - 2009 (Heisei 21)

Monozukuri technology of company of Sumida cultivated by tradition from Edo, Meiji has been shown mainly on OEM and parts production of national brand product or production of daily wages life article.
They further polish up the high technology while severe society economic conditions and intense international competition continue, and company showing business deployment that wore product development capability newly again gives the steady management results. Above all, as for plan developing product for consumers whom the times seek as company's brand, and sending to market, company has big meaning when the continuation develops. In addition, it is thought that as such an attractive product is created from many places, brand of the whole area called Sumida increases. Moreover, it is thought that there is feedback effect in business such as parts production by accumulating know-how such as product development or sale for consumers.
"Monozukuri Collaboration" began in 2009 (Heisei 21) as business to support such an autonomous approach of company of Sumida.
In this business, producer design (= collaborator) and designer representing monozukuri company and Japan of Sumida with high technology bump each individuality, and plan of house brand product which seems to be Sumida develops.
Many high added value products from Sumida which new sensitivity comes across monozukuri power of Sumida through this business, and records new wind on market is born in sequence.
※Product to introduce is copy of thing developed in 2009 (Heisei 21).
In addition, designs may be changed as prototype is included in these products.

[new product development section]

Collaborator and Sumida City company of unique four people develop product with suggestion power for product market.

Collaborator : Manabu Akaike
Universal design research institute
Representative director director

Under the theme of "biological diversity", it is product which did theme tosumidadakarakosono assets with characteristics in motif in the times including accessories utilized the skill of metal decoration work such as food, mikoshi which featured the theme of clothes which did insect which Katsushika Hokusai which was born in Sumida draws in motif and "food education" "declining birthrate".

Sakamoto Senbei Co., Ltd.

This side: Use of bincho charcoal char-grilling "Sumida first class U.S. rice cracker" - oar domestic production raw materials, allergy-free product ...
・The improvement in food self-sufficiency ratio campaign "FOOD ACTION NIPPON" support
・Use of 100% of environmental conservation U.S. love at first sight first prize rice from Miyagi in 2009.
・ "The U.S. soy sauce" (the United States, sake lees, salt, water from Okayama). It is natural (Rausu kombu from Hokkaido and dried bonito from Makurazaki, Kagoshima) enters.
・We use "beat sugar" which we made with sugar beet from Hokkaido and "pure mijiu of warehouseman" of Nihonmatsu-shi, Fukushima.
The right depths: Tentative name "child, child care breast rice cracker"
・Kids design declining birthrate measures product
・The breast type rice cracker of 3D shape. Use of tile-shaped rice-cracker-based cloth to make with wheat flour and egg and milk and sugar.
・Gem which entrusted with message of "importance of child care" including wish such as lucky charm of matchmaking and easy delivery.
Left this side: Tentative name "food education picture book character rice cracker" which "is natto samurai beans Taro" (character production: comics brothers)
・Character rice cracker of much-talked-about picture book "it is natto samurai beans Taro colander." which featured the theme of food education.
・Through picture book and rice cracker, we provide right food education deliciously happily in many children.

Use of all domestic raw materials allergy correspondence product "first prize U.S. dumpling"
・Use of 100% of environmental conservation U.S. love at first sight first prize rice from Miyagi in 2009.
・"The U.S. soy sauce" (the United States, sake lees, salt, water from Okayama). It is natural (Rausu kombu from Hokkaido and dried bonito from Makurazaki, Kagoshima) enters. 
・We use "beat sugar" which we made with sugar beet from Hokkaido and "pure mijiu of warehouseman" of Nihonmatsu-shi, Fukushima.

Seiko Co., Ltd.

Series to wear series/Edo wearing forest
・"ECOEDO" wearing Edo and the best of nature breath, monozukuri brand
Two "breath, monozukuri" called ""straight" monozukuri to learn naturally" and ""best" monozukuri to learn in the Edo era" is themes.
We are doing insect of Edo that Katsushika Hokusai described in product using cellulosic fiber made with the eco-friendly manufacturing method from eucalyptus and beech that biological diversity is fiber that "series to wear forest" is of the forest, tree origin with one point embroidery.
Series that "wore Edo" did insect of Edo where Katsushika Hokusai drew cotton on the main constituent with one point embroidery and aimed at product wound rio which took in ECO and EDO in concept.
The lower left: "beech wearing forest" Lady's T-shirt (modaru cloth)
・Forest where Jomon people lived and lived in was beech. It is T-shirt which we made from fiber of beech. For one point, we designed the sky silkworm (tensan) which lived in forest of beech.
The lower right: "eucalyptus wearing forest" Lady's shirt (ten cell cloth)
・It is important to protect forest of eucalyptus to protect koala. To shirt which we made from fiber of red gum, we designed dragonfly which flew in the forest for one point.
The top: "fuhaku wearing Edo" men's shirt (use of fawn cloth)
・By design which gave a glimmer of color of cloth (fuhaku) which we put for the cuffs and the collar circumference, we reproduced the best of Edo. For one point, we designed spider and cobweb which had been used to patterns of kimono from the old days

Decoration studio shiozawa (Shiozawa Seisakujo Co., Ltd.)

Card case "breath of graver" (graver)
・We produced business gear which arranged living thing crest with affinity for Sumida as symbol of biological diversity. Blue-sea dance +1,000 bird/Shippo pattern + butterfly/dragonfly + lacquer finish. Graver of butterfly and dragonfly is produced by insect of Edo that Katsushika Hokusai described.

Broach type vase "home of flower" (design: Keita Kawasaki (Mami flower design , Supervision))
There may be good form of comfort and vase with function on the chest for flower. It is broach type vase of Mami flower design "home of flower" brand which came out of such thought.
Water enters container and realizes environment that is kind to seasonal flower arrangement.
Formal attendant can use for slight fashion in spite of being pleasure as wall hangings again. It is broach becoming both accessories and art object.
Blue-sea dance +1,000 bird/Shippo pattern + butterfly/dragonfly/chrysanthemum

Pin broach insect mezuru Hokusai (dragonfly)

Kume Co., Ltd.

Biological diversity "insect mezuru Hokusai" series
・Katsushika Hokusai is eye catch and design T-shirt series that we did in insects in motif in insects of Edo that we described. Cool Biz T-shirt designs spider as charm as a substitute for tie.
・Production background: With green electricity that generated electricity, Japanese expert craftsmen sew by warm consideration soundly well without exhausting CO2 as much as possible.
・Color: From tradition color of Japan, we usually choose go waseyasuio color for errand.
In addition, "deisen" which we finished dyeing in color of the earth in Amami Oshima. I made traditional dyeing technique "dyeing black" that had been conveyed from ancient times in Japan as premium line.
・Material: 100% of cotton which is useful for CO2 reduction in nature material. T-shirt of organic cotton which we brought up by organic farming carefully without using pesticide is batting order.
・Print: Aqueous ink with a little environmental load is adopted by central figure. In addition, modest money letting you feel the best, silver errand. We chose technique to patronize handles of Hokusai such as hair transplant prints which tasted, and adjusted to a certain shading off, blur only in tenzensen.

"My form" series relaxing wear
・Relaxing wear which he/she wraps "me" in as bedclothing as simple house coat like negligee which was man and woman combined use easily in France of the 17th century.
・Soft cloth which we knit cotton that the surface was favorite nature material with Japanese spinning technology said to be the best in the world and put up.
・We are examining various needleworks to do to one piece that had both soft feeling of relaxation and strength of constitution only by product made in Japan.
A-line dress type: We use 100% organic cotton cloth. The cuffs, the neckband circumference, hem reduced a feeling of hit to skin by sewing processing of the sky. With T-shirt of simple form as long length, we emphasize attractiveness of woman by making A-line.
Straight line line type: Fiber length is prepared by hanging comb carefully, and grinding each fiber and uses cloth for finished slight wound in smooth feel. We keep on cutting the cuffs, the neckband circumference and reduce hit to skin to the maximum. By fully taking length of a sleeve, width of the body (doing raveling flagging down by putting print in the dress material), natural silhouette is born and gives comfort wrapped up.

"Natto samurai beans Taro" family T-shirt
・Design T-shirt series that is worn in eye catch and parent and child who did in characters of much-talked-about picture book "it is natto samurai beans Taro colander." which featured the theme of food education.
・T-shirt which we used for beans Taro T-shirt: Kume fiber carefully made "comfort" T-shirt.
・With cloth having moderate thickness that matched climate of Japan, we adopt sho shiyuttarimeno, paper pattern of relaxation fitting and realize comfortable comfort, comfort.
・In addition, we adopt sewing method superior in pulling strength and the durability of Kume fiber tradition to be able to use regularly for a long time.
・We cut and sew with green electricity and are finished, and in late years T-shirt which continues being worthy of longtime wearing is gem which attracts attention from the viewpoint of "fukuiku" attracting attention.

Collaborator : Naoki Sakai
Water Design Co., Ltd.
Representative director/konseputa/
Keio University Graduate School policy, the media graduate course professor

Design which is radical mark docks with techniques such as leather product or glass which are local industry of Sumida wonderfully. We realized product suggestion that was high level for future user the present age.

Hirota Glass Co., Ltd.

Edo Kiriko desk model lighting
・It is desk lightener using light source of new technology LED while making use of "the skill" and know-how of Edo Kiriko. Cut glass design of delicate Edo Kiriko and light and pageant of shadow to weave with LED let people create the fantastic, new world. In addition, as well as household use, we plan market acquisition of lighting as interior such as inn hotels.

Ninomiya Gorow Shoten Co., Ltd.

List wallet (tentative name)
・List wallet which mobile phone can make small change into for slight going out easily when we go to dog walking and convenience store nearby. We can enjoy as fashion item like watch and bracelet.
・Under registration of a design application.

Yashima Shomei Seisakusho Co., Ltd.

LED ceiling light "SUPERFLAT" (tentative name)
・LED light which attracts attention as next-generation light source that was considered by energy saving in longer life, environment suddenly. "wispy lighting system" is lighting equipment that shining cloud floated in the sky. We are going to realize color control of environmental light in conjunction with picture projected to TV by connection and three colors of LED with AV apparatus in future.

Hirokawa Seika Co., Ltd.

Chukka boots "Sewed up shoes1" (tentative name) which was born from edge materials
Casual chukka boots which was born from the beginning materials that occurred at the time of making of formal shoes. It is carved a seal, and design of number that symbolized that we connected becomes icon of these shoes. We stretched out upper length to show last in conformity to Japanese spoor more sharply and finished in chukka boots.


Chukka boots "Sewed up shoes2" (tentative name) which was born from edge materials
Casual chukka boots which was born from the beginning materials that occurred at the time of making of formal shoes. We finished to shoes of pattern with density by making not only point that we connected but also other points run plural perforations.

Saddle Shoes
We fix heel and the former from both sides so that we wear with shoes with saddle of horse as motif, and a feeling of fitting is provided in feeling. We make design with solid feeling to let you image proper walk only by the Goodyear welt manufacturing method.

With shoes using leather deteriorating with time in brown from external color, sandals sunburn trace pattern that day creates is completed when we tear off tape of the former after ni year. We designed shoes which we made use of the Goodyear welt manufacturing method that we could enjoy leather secular variation in.
With shoes using leather deteriorating with time in brown from external color, the buyer assumes sunburn pattern after ni year and winds tape around shoes. Two years later, shoes having only one are completed in the world that the person designed.

※Each product common konseputa: Naoki Sakai, creative director: Koichiro Usuki, designer: Yu Yoda, Michiko Suzuki

Collaborator : Tomohiro Matsuda
Planner "Tenkei Project" representative

We make use of history of Sumida which continued making various daily wages life product, and embezzle in daily livings and is "model"-like line of products with security.

Ito Bindery Co., Ltd.

Drawing pad
We bind and cut on part, and sewing machine processing is done and becomes fixed form (A4/B4/A3) size when we cut.
Craft type uses kraft paper with misarashi (mizarashi) state on in the text without bleaching paper in the paper manufacture process.
Enjoy, and feel of a material sonomamao of material is product bracing sensitivity of good painter up.
White /w: 297mm 1,260 yen (tax-included), w: 364mm 1,575 yen (tax-included), w: 420mm 2,100 yen (tax-included), all are 70 pieces of fine paper
Craft /w: 297mm 1,365 yen, w: 364mm 1,680 yen (tax-included), w: 420mm 2,205 yen (tax-included), all are 70 pieces of kraft paper

Design shop >

Memo Block
It is characterized by mount with thickness. From the choice of materials to finish of the last process, it is product which bookbinder finished by one book carefully.
There is presence that can harmonize even if the text and contrast of mount judging from the side use beautifully at any place.
It becomes B5 fixed form size when we add 3 size.
White /w: 257mm 1,260 yen (tax-included), w: 150mm 1,050 yen (tax-included), w: 107mm 945 yen (tax-included), all are 350 pieces of fine paper
Red /w: 107mm 945 yen (tax-included), flockpaper one piece, color fine paper 350 pieces

Design shop >

Kume Co., Ltd.

Model T-shirt
Design reto silhouette which is easy to wear basic goods "say young people" who leave D Tyr of T-shirt at the time of founding strongly, and cross more than 40 years, and continue longtime seller to people to most to base. Stubborn very thick binder neckband satisfying function as workwear characterizes the whole.
We fit wide figure by finishing sewing cloth for fraise with a feeling of stretch with paper pattern of a moderate space.
Draping not to disturb physical natural movement. We adopt seam having elasticity, nature pull to the cuffs, hem.
With green electricity that generated electricity, Japanese expert craftsmen sewed by warm consideration soundly well without exhausting CO2 as much as possible. We adopt aqueous ink with a little environmental load. 

Plain fabric/material: Cotton/size: S,M,L/ color: White, navy, gray/price: 2,800 yen (tax-included)
Double cord knotting/material: Cotton/size: S,M,L/ color: White, navy, gray/price: 3,200 yen (tax-included)

Shibata Concrete Co., Ltd.

Model bicycle stopper
As there is self-respect, we just put and finish setting, and we do not have to worry about rust and can form bicycle parking lot immediately by connecting.
We can park our bicycle from both sides and are compact design to avoid interference of steering wheel by making widely apart in ability with the neighbor.
It is most suitable for apartment and park, public facilities, outdoor bicycle parking lot of commercial facilities. Two kinds of both sides type, one side type. Registration of a design application finished.

/material for both sides: Concrete, size: w400mm d535mm h560mm, price: 12,600 yen (tax-included)
/material for one side: Concrete/size: w190mm d535mm h260mm/ price: 7,350 yen (tax-included)

mitsubaihigashikyo >

Okina Co., Ltd.

Cut out Mikata; yellow envelope
We just made use of design of cushion envelope and had envelope without cushion.
We laminate yellow solid paper in Mikata, and both sides are cut with wave blade.
There are two of disk size such as CD or DVD and postcard, photograph size.
Other than mail and delivery, please use as envelope and accessory case for preservation.

CD size/material: Color craft, size: Outside size w200mm h175mm+50mm size w186mm h168mm, price: Entering ten pieces, 630 yen (tax-included)
Postcard size/material: Color craft, size: Outside size w140mm h175mm+50mm size w126mm h168mm, price: Entering ten pieces, 525 yen (tax-included)

Matsuyama Co., Ltd.

The left: Model face-wash soap
We add refined sugar and glycerin of humidity retention ingredient to traditional soap bass which we light pot and made with the manufacturing method, and drying lets you mature for about 50 days.
We polish one by one by hand and are finished soap carefully.
A feeling of moisture remains without taking too much sebum.
Price: 682 yen (tax-included)
All ingredients: Soap basis material, water, sucrose, glycerin, ethanol, sorbitol, fragrance, caramel, tocopherol,
Etidronic acid 4Na
Standard weight: 90 g

The right: Model bath soap
We harden traditional soap bass which we light pot and made with the manufacturing method using machine called rare cooling press now, and cutting molds one by one.
It is hand of craftsman and soap which spends time, and was made.
It melts and is hard to make decrease and is the frank feeling after washing that sparkle is good.
Price: It is going to release on 525 yen (tax-included) March 1
All ingredients: Soap basis material, fragrance, water, tocopherol, etidronic acid 4Na
Standard weight: 95 g

Matsuyama oils and fats net store >

[Tenkei Project]
Plan: Tomohiro Matsuda
Solid: Nami Makishi
Plane: sokubuyashi

Collaborator : Nobuko Shimuta
Japan Design Center
Produce room chief producer

Collaborator and Sumida City company form monozukuri team "Hanami project" for famous Sumida in the whole country as famous spot of cherry blossom viewing from the Edo era. Goods and food to enjoy meal outdoors including cherry blossom viewing and picnic give color in life.

Kasahara Spring Seisakusho Limited Partnership

Tenohira Tongs
Small tong which it is easy to carry for outside cherry blossom viewing and picnic. In form to be totally settled in palm like castanets completely, we thought about tsukamiyasusao. It is made of stainless steel and finishes with hairline. It is most suitable for meal the outdoors, but is glad when he/she plays an active part in both usual meal in house and party.

Kuwahara Ham Co., Ltd.

Sumida Japanese pepper yakutoburusuto
Bologna-like sausage of the sum taste appropriate for from Sumida, from Tokyo. yakutoburusuto which is popular item of Kuwabara ham with "Japanese pepper" said to be Japanese pepper ※Put together in this. Bold refreshing flavor is individual although being modest. Of course it matches rice menu on sandwich and ham steak.
※Cotton and hemp fabrics sausage which is made with cloth for saiban kito areban kino mix. It is also called another name hunting sausage.

SANEI Co., Ltd.

Sumida chanko roll
We regarded lucky Norimaki with chicken and egg as the leading role as "chan" (parent, boss) from "thick" (child, pupil). Roll up ingredients of 15 not to attack of soil for 15 wins to lead to "win, the Venus", and to mega size like sumo wrestler. Various tastes are jam-packed with "it is heavy" closely "without any regret".

Suzuki Gokin Co., Ltd.

Sumida firing device
How is "Sumida firing" that five pieces of baked confectioneries of cherry blossom petals are burnt because it is Sumida that is the birthplace of cherry blossom viewing? We are good even if we use pancake dough even if we use taiyaki cloth even if we put bean jam and cheese inside. It is fried caliber having you enjoy with child at home. The body is aluminum alloy. It is casting of fluorine resining. Do you not enjoy "Sumida firing" outside?

Chiba Plas Corporation

Cutting Board Dish & spoon & fork
Cutting board of plastic (PP resin) of sometimes convenient beautiful color to want to cut something into pieces a little. It is what with fork with spoon for serving. You regard as paki like plastic model, and you assemble by oneself, and please use. As it is flat, carrying around is easy and lets pleasure that colorful color eats outdoors double. It is just usable as container when we bend only a little to line in occasion such as cherry blossom petals. Sumida-style that take-out is stylish as we become beautiful just to wipe quickly.

Footmark Co., Ltd.

Stall apron
We can put if we think that it is slightly chilly. If wind up around stomach, to of course lower wall of godown-like apron. It is fashionable even if we bind neck as it is colorful. Comfortable "stall apron" which wants lawn and the seaside to accompany anytime. As it is super water repellency, we make an outstanding performance for sudden rain.

Round lawn rag
On beautiful green such as lawn, we want to enjoy delicious meal. But rag is apt to make a fuss by wind by all means. Therefore we put baggage and shoes in the slit of both sides and are prototype which we devised to be used to weight. It is prototype using cloth of Footmark dakarakosono waterproofing that continues making swimsuit and care article.

Morisei Co., Ltd.

Wine holder "BURINE burine"
When plane of mysterious design with halftone plate puts thing inside and flatters bearer……Do two canned beer enter bottle holder if we put winebottle? Please use whether we will put apple and mandarin orange for various ideas. It is product utilized characteristic of silicon which comes to look forward to taking outside.

Maruyo Katano Seihojo Co., Ltd.

Table tote bag
We want to carry various things because we want to enjoy outside. As we enlarge entrance of tote bag and greatly took gusset, it is bag such as table which we finish carrying. We waterproof let alone the inside.

Leather silk furoshiki
After all, it is furoshiki that is indispensable to wrap low dining table of day of fine weather. It is ultrathin and colors pig leather which we tanned into beautiful color and is slightly luxurious furoshiki using silk in the backside. We are going to do model push of cherry blossoms on leather. We think that we have silk Fumi appearing for an instant feel "breath" of Edo Sumida.

[Sumida Hanami project]
Design direction: Naoko Hirota
Food direction: Nami Fukudome
Produce: Nobuko Shimuta


[technology utilization section]

To technique and material of Sumida polished through parts processing or OEM production, sensitivity of unit-related young person designer group, SOON JAPAN DESIGN PROJECT which there was fused, and house brand product for consumers was developed in sequence.

Collaborator : Sachio Hihara
Representative from SOUZOU-ISHOU Hihara Industrial Design Office

Azuma Seisakusho Co., Ltd.

C-Station (accessory case)
Designer: Kazumi Abe

Inoue bag Seisakusho

foresta (bag, leather accessory)
Designer: South Masahiro

Kiyokawa Shoten Co., Ltd., Yamaguchi Sangyo Co., Ltd.

SUMIDA OINK2 (leather accessory)
Designer: studio KOZ./E.N.N. Seiichi Ozu

Sankei Co., Ltd., Yamaguchi Sangyo Co., Ltd.

Stella (Stella) (jewelry box, portable mirror multibox memo holder)
Designer: Kazumi Abe

Suzuki Kako Co., Ltd.

+ BOND BAND (watchstrap)
Designer: T & O STUDIO: Toshihito Oukura, Tsukasa Nishina, Tomoko Yamawaki

Suzuki Shoji Co., Ltd. (lawn storehouse)

hako (cardholder)
Designer: Mr. hiharasachio

Suzuki Shoji Co., Ltd. (lawn storehouse)

CUMA (desk mat, cushion cover)
Designer: Takehiro Ando

Designer: Takehiro Ando

-drop- (lamp shade)
Designer: Osamu Yaginuma

Tokyo Rikagaku Garasu Kikai Kogyo cooperative society

dml (decimilliliter) (design: Osamu Yaginuma)

Toshin Aqua Co., Ltd.

Fragrant box (design: Senichiro Watanabe)

Higashi Nihon Kinzoku Co., Ltd.

Designer: Hiroshi Kajimoto