The 102 Yamadas 7, Honjo wonder doll

Characteristic of product

Doll firing that we excavated legend "7, Honjo wonder" of Sumida and conveyed. We make use of food wholesale dealer another job and provide at old downtown price while using Okukuji egg, lotus flower honey, adzuki bean from Hokkaido, good-quality the lam, alkali ionized water. It is 4th in preservative nonuse in peak condition period. TOKYO SKYTREE® ® visit visitor plans thing around place of "7, Honjo wonder" connection.


Certification reason

Aggressive posture to Sumida promotion to aim at excursion of person of next town as local property in feelings to provide and story "7, Honjo wonder" is evaluated without changing recipe that decided high quality cake of old downtown standard to "be plentiful with cheap, delicious thing" 30 years ago.


Examination committee comment

With person whom this including wrapping paper of 7, Honjo wonder has good, there will be both people in contemporary more style, but nomamaga may come to feel newly in old days. High quality of cake to cook seriously supports it.


Company comment

Yamashichi Shokuhin Co., Ltd.
Noboru Yamada

"7, Honjo wonder" has not been known in the days of founding yet. After talking with Mr. Shigeo Miyao of comic artist known as study of Edo folklore when we wanted to keep local characteristic alive when father whom we took service with in food wholesale dealer of Asakusa began doll firing independently, wrapping paper of "7, Honjo wonder" with his picture was born. Thereafter "leave and produce in the ground related to moat" and, in 60, sell Kinshicho Station south exit, one of the seven wonders. By the way, we finished writing "court noble Fukagawa wonder Japanese-style bound book", and, as for Miyuki Miyabe of writer, the Eiji Yoshikawa literature rookie of the year title was won with this wrapping paper by hint.

Fluffy texture that other doll firing does not have uses smooth weak flour, and it features not to be tense even if it cools down. Okukuji egg which we fed of natural feed including paprika costs 1 pack 360 yen by the market price, but moist feeling appears.

Because doll firing eats with color let alone taste, we bake in appetizing light brown with lotus flower honey. Doll firing to use honey for will be rare, but it is pleased when we smell and we eat so that mold grows by sterilization effect and are advantageous in. We use alkali ionized water not tap water not to disturb fragrance.

The expiration date is 4th, but there is person that after second day is particularly ready to be eaten. In addition, voice performing of more storable duration will have, but, as for the mind to change out of feelings to material, there are none.

We make doll ware only in studio in the head office. There was story that you give factory elsewhere, and you do not make a lot, but does not provide as we do not keep an eye, and taste must not fall.

From 2012 when TOKYO SKYTREE® ® starts a business, utilize websites of shop, and tourist is interested in legend of Sumida, and can rotate in place of connection; want to be active. (as for the photograph the head office)


Product information

Yamadaya's Ningyo-yaki Pancakes
 Including 1,296 yen containing 20 assortments (is tax-included, and the following agrees)
 One piece of article: "Leave; raccoon dog 105 yen to come up in moat", drum 86 yen of "Tsugaru drum", Mikasa mountain 75 yen, colored leaves 38 yen without bean jam


Company information

<Yamashichi Shokuhin Co., Ltd.>
In 1946, we found sale of chicken egg in Sumida-ku. In 1950, we enter confectionery dealership. 1951, Yamada Shoten establishment. In 1984, we change organization change and company name of to Yamashichi Shokuhin Co., Ltd.
Production, sale of doll firing, chicken egg, food item wholesale business.
If local as Sumida-ku mall alliance society's chairperson, association of Tokyo mall promotion association society vice-director, The Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Sumida Branch deputy manager, representative director Noboru Yamada is effort for industrial promotion.

3-8-11, Koutoubashi, Sumida-ku, Tokyo
Telephone: 03-3634-5599 FAX: 03-3631-4689

※Sale of doll firing other than the head office as for Kinshicho Station building B1 of Sumida City, Kinshicho LIVIN basement, EDO-TOKYO MUSEUM, place, the online sale of Sumida.