With Sumida Modern brand certification business

With Sumida Modern brand certification business

"There is newly. We are authenticated by o basics concept that there is with nostalgia.

We consist of two sections of product section, restaurant menu section and authenticate product and restaurant menu informed thought of Sumida appropriate for value rule (= Sumida Modern declaration see below) of the Sumida Area Brand based on certification standard.

  • Accepted product, restaurant menu assume "Sumida Modern" collectively and, for example, call "Sumida Modern" of 2015 with "Sumida Modern" 2015.
  • "Sumida Modern" can image area called Sumida and is product which can raise the charm.
    As area brand-name products representing Sumida, we tell about superior characteristic or thought, feelings put there and, in what we publicize widely, plan popularity improvement and image enhancement of Sumida.
  • "Sumida Modern" comes to lead monozukuri of Sumida.
    We aim at becoming aim to have you raise will that Sumida City company works on development of new product or improvement of existing product more.

Standard of the certification

Agreement degree with Sumida brand value rule (= Sumida Modern declaration)
  • We inherit industrial history and tradition, culture and technique of Sumida.
  • There are new suggestion and innovativeness to life of people.
Contribution degree to brand power improvement of Sumida
  • We can expect the popularity of Sumida brand, contribution to image enhancement.
  • We are equal to consumers needs, and marketability is high.
  • There is superiority in convenience, comfort, design, taste than product of competitor.
Reliability, quality
  • It is product with high reliability.
  • We maintain high quality, and there are approach and proof to improve.
Idea, posture, background
  • It is company with thought to doing monozukuri in Sumida.
  • It is company having will toward regional activation of Sumida.

Theme of four "Sumida Modern"

We color days to mention the bestWe talk with town coming across taste
We develop PR on four themes.

Certification method ... "Sumida Modern" ... is born in this way

We founded restaurant menu section in 2012.
Every section authenticated 68 points of product sections, restaurant menu section 22 menu by different certification method so far.

Product section

Sumida brand certification examination committee
Residents of Sumida city investigating group (reference evaluation)

The Sumida Area Brand
The promotion meeting board of directors (decision)

Product section

Residents of Sumida city investigating group (sampling investigation)

The Sumida Area Brand
The promotion meeting board of directors (decision)

1.Examination committee

With various professional eyes, we perform fair examination.

2."Sumida Modern" attestation ceremony

We have "Sumida Modern" certification companies gather and confer certification shield.

3."Sumida Modern" announcement exhibition

We perform announcement exhibition of product accepted in "Sumida Modern".