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It recruits Sumida Modern product & menu monitors!

Do you not try products, restaurant menu full of charm of ... Sumida? ...

In the "Sumida Modern" going as part of "strategy of the Sumida Area Brand" brand certification business

About product accepted to "Sumida Modern 2018" in last year and restaurant menu,

Viewpoint of consumers recruits people who can work as monitors (free).

※Transportation expenses to stores hanging over product receipt are paid the own


Sumida City resident working attendance at school who can reply questionnaire in adults at the top using products before time limit

※Products which we used are offered free of charge


Or, after checking offer essential point, you mail application paper directly, and please apply to following responsible by fax, E-mail by Friday, February 14, 2020 [must arrive].


Sumida-ku Industry Promotion Section area brand charge (the 14th floor of the ward office)

〒130-8640 1-23-20, Azumabashi, Sumida-ku  

Telephone 03-5608-6188 FAX03-5608-6934


※We distribute application paper and flyer at application, the first floor of the ward office information corner and,

The output is possible from the following.

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●Monitor offer essential point

●Monitor application application