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Announcement of Sumida Modern brand certification business open call for participants stop

 Usually thank you for understanding, the cooperation to strategy of the Sumida Area Brand.

 Well, strategy of the Sumida Area Brand which started in 2009 meets knot of the tenth anniversary in this year and is pushing forward approach for rebuilding including rearranging of inspection and problem of past result now.

 Therefore we stop open call for participants of "the Sumida Modern brand certification" once this year and are going to lay emphasis on promotion of past Sumida Modern certification product and restaurant menu. And we want to further publicize charm of monozukuri of Sumida widely.

 We apologize for causing all of you who examined application trouble very much this year. In addition, we offer my gratitude for all people concerned with strategy of the Sumida Area Brand so far.

We examine business for two years from this year, and your strategy of the Sumida Area Brand which is reborn newly in 2021 would be highly appreciated.