With strategy of the Sumida Area Brand

We say hello than director

We think in the "strategy of the Sumida Area Brand" eighth year

It was "to make strength, characteristic only by Sumida clear, and to publicize based on that", at first, to have thought in Exploratory Committee at the time on starting strategy of the Sumida Area Brand in 2009. Not to speak of that, it is DNA as "the town which has been inherited ceaselessly from the Edo era of monozukuri". This "there is newly. It is Sumida Modern that authenticates product with individuality only by Sumida from the cause of theme that there is with nostalgia, traditional thing to daily necessities, food.

From much application, we authenticated the certification standard and equal thing as "Sumida Modern" every year and, after 2010, came to exceed 150 points now. In addition, we developed new product in collaboration with creator, and, in "Monozukuri Collaboration" business, high new product of design was further brought about, and product of Sumida was enriched mass together. In addition, in late years sales are big, and success examples such as growing menus come out taking the opportunity of the media exposure including products and TV and magazine sold in overseas celebrity select shop a lot.

And, as big result of this activity, we were able to win "good design prize" in 2015. This continued always saying; "continuation expresses power", and is very happy thing.

Furthermore, more and more tourists will be expected to come to Tokyo and Sumida-ku with holding of the Tokyo Olympics Paralympics near at hand in forthcoming 2020 in future. We will want many people that the aging comes to becoming from encouragement, home and abroad in business further to enjoy products and menu of Sumida in future.

April, 2016

The Sumida Area Brand Promoting Conference
Seiichi Mizuno