With strategy of the Sumida Area Brand

Business summary

"Strategy of the Sumida Area Brand"

Sumida-ku attracts attention by the TOKYO SKYTREE® ® opening of business of May, 2012.
Sumida-ku aims at raising the popularity of Sumida more through "charm of Sumida" including superior product of Sumida City with this.
The concrete approach is "strategy of the Sumida Area Brand".


We raise local brand value by raising the popularity of Sumida generally, and improving the added value, and letting you recognize widely inside and out. We hear with Sumida and aim at there being thing, thing that clear reason that customer chooses (we value thing and service and make the use) floats a lot.

Promotion method

We make characteristic only by Sumida differentiated from other areas (products) clear and make town development and products which assumed that the core and disseminate information.

Sumida Modern declaration the Sumida Area Brand value regulations

In the Edo - Meiji - present age, we inherit DNA.

The best and sense of fun of Edo that still breathes, human empathy and contact of old downtown. Craftsman spirit who does not permit craftsmanship and compromise to support high technique from folkcraft to modern industries. We inherit "DNA (gene) of Sumida" without changing even if the Sumida Area Brand is over time.

Through monozukuri, we promise color for life.

Various products which do living supported by superior technology and design wealthily. Product which the town of monozukuri "Sumida" creates is all over Japan, genuine articles which are further used in the world let alone Tokyo. We further polish "monozukuri" only by Sumida, and the Sumida Area Brand promises color that is rich in notice, life of people widely.

We report local culture to the next generation.

History and culture such as sumo, fireworks, Katsushika Hokusai, cherry blossom at Bokutei of the Sumida River. Rich food culture such as Japanese confectionery or Chanko. Furthermore, it is industrial culture such as Littele Museum and Manufacturing Shop, small factory in town. The Sumida Area Brand conveys original "area culture" that Sumida brought up and succeeds in the next generation.

Through interchange of people, we bring up community.

Sightseeing bases of many historic spots, culture facilities, Littele Museum and Manufacturing Shop, Kodawari Shop, small factories in town, place of monozukuri experience. And many people who come under the New tower "TOKYO SKYTREE®." The Sumida Area Brand does interchange of "coming person, living person, working person" lively and brings up community of new Sumida.

Catch phrase is new, and there is. There is with nostalgia.

Strategy of the Sumida Area Brand logo mark & brand statement

Main approach of "strategy of the Sumida Area Brand"

The Sumida brand certification business

We are suitable for value regulations (= Sumida Modern declaration) of the Sumida Area Brand,
Products and restaurant menu informed thought of Sumida
We authenticate as Sumida brand.

Monozukuri Collaboration business

With company of Sumida-ku with high technology,
By collaboration of creator on behalf of Japan,
We perform development of the company product like Sumida.