With strategy of the Sumida Area Brand

In Sumida, why do you promote local brand strategy?

Value that "Sumida" has now

Sumida-ku is place related to person in history including Katsushika Hokusai and Katsu Kaishu at the birthplace of Edo general public culture. In addition, commencing with the Sumida River fireworks festival, attractive event and famous place including EDO-TOKYO MUSEUM, Kokugikan Arena are abundant, too. We do not lack food culture such as Japanese confectionery or Chanko either.
On the other hand, manufacturing industry accumulates and develops since expert handicraft skill conveying tradition of Edo in the present age continues living, and the light industries originated in Japanese modern times in the Meiji era, and medium and small-sized business of now various types of industry is town of monozukuri playing an active part.
Furthermore, living of old downtown that the best and joke, human empathy of Edo breathe now is attractive.
However, charm of Sumida is not necessarily known to many people now. However, chance spreads, too. Young people raise interest in "sum", and attention to old downtown increases, and height of quality of Japanese product is reviewed.

We send Sumida with the TOKYO SKYTREE® opening of business

We establish local brand value of Sumida, and "strategy of the Sumida Area Brand" is intended to do Sumida well while we did so. We send information of Sumida and have consumers and offshore company know and, in company, activate area by industry.
We did various approaches about sightseeing and monozukuri in Sumida-ku until now. However, it cannot be said that image called "gusset which does not come speaking of Sumida" is established still more. With the TOKYO SKYTREE® opening of business of the spring of 2012 (Heisei 24), strategy of the Sumida Area Brand began in form to compile past approach into one book.

Because Sumida becomes brand

Brand is reason why customer chooses products and service as. It is relief to know well, it is fashion of good quality, it is branding to make reason "that we will buy because it is thing of Sumida" including ...
In the case of local brand, this increases factor as sightseeing spot and living place. "We want to live in Sumida sometime", and which "we will go out to Sumida to play" is necessary for making the reason.
Local brand strategy of Sumida makes strength only by Sumida clear and brings about superior products and service continuously based on that and aims at as offer continuing sending to customer, doing Sumida in attractive town.

For 2020

By the opening of business of TOKYO SKYTREE® and the opening of Sumida Hokusai Museum, many people came to visit Sumida from not only Japan but also foreign countries. We fix our eyes on the Tokyo Olympics Paralympics of 2020 and will send "charm of Sumida" including monozukuri, products, service of Sumida and sightseeing, event to home and abroad through strategy of the Sumida Area Brand widely in future.