With strategy of the Sumida Area Brand

We say hello than the head of a ward

There were many craftsmen who made daily necessities and life article from the old days of Edo, and Sumida-ku lived and developed as "town of monozukuri". The tradition is inherited in the present age and is area that a variety of types of industry including metal, fiber, leather, paper, rubber, food, glass accumulate.

In addition, many tourists come, and, since the TOKYO SKYTREE® ® opening of business of May, 2012, there is shop gaining popularity from home and abroad in restaurant and cafe of Sumida City nationwide in Sumida-ku.

It is approach for the purpose of this ward being proud of "strategy of the Sumida Area Brand" which started in 2009, and raising the popularity of Sumida through "charm of Sumida" including superior technology of "monozukuri" more and wins "good design Prize" in 2015 and gets high evaluation.

In addition, in one of cool Japan strategies "The Wonder 500™" that Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry pushes forward, 11 points receive authorization from "Sumida Modern" which is local brand certification product, and product having the sale results appears even in select shop of France Paris. Furthermore, we exhibit "Sumida Modern" certification product to international exhibition of Taiwan and enlarge place of activity to foreign countries as well as the country.

We fix our eyes on "the Tokyo Olympics Paralympics" of 2020 and send "the town of monozukuri Sumida" to from Sumida-ku to the whole country and the world positively and have charm of product only in this ward feel including "Sumida Modern" certification product, restaurant menu to many of you visiting from the Sumida City outside and are happy if you can purchase.

By finding charm of Sumida-ku which is not known still more, and sending, through "strategy of the Sumida Area Brand", raise the popularity of Sumida more and more and will connect with realization of "town which we want to continue living and want to continue working and want to visit" which this ward aims at in future.

July, 2016

Mayor of Sumida
Akira Yamamoto